Estonian Independence Day August 20/2016

CRIPPLED BY LIBERTY. Today on 25 th anniversary of Estonian Independence day 20.08.2016 the former prime minister and mayor of Estonian capital Tallinn Mr Edgar Savisaar who was the leader of liberty movement Rahvarinne in 1991 which liberated Estonia from the Russian regime, is crippled into the wheelchair and has lost his health in fight with current government. Savisaar is under investigation by Estonian Secret Police with accusations in bribing. The man who helped to rise Estonia back to its feet is himself now footless nevertheless he came to greet and meet the Estonian people on the Square of Liberty in Tallinn, where the anniversary concert was held. Nor the current president of Estonia Mr Toomas Hendrik Ilves and the prime minister Taavi Roivas did not show up there to meet the public.

Mr Savisaar is accompanied and his wheelchair is pushed by Mr Alar Naame who is the head of central Tallinn, but got also a criminal case by current government authorities, so who has the power has the liberty.