“Serial Entrepreneur and Brand Ambassador Peter Vesterbacka visited Tartu Start-up Ecosystem”


photo: Krishan Chand

Serial Entrepreneur and Brand Ambassador Peter Vesterbacka, globally known from his previous tenure at Rovio, the company behind Angry Birds, is currently involved in several companies and ventures, including the tunnel project between Tallinn and Helsinki.

Today, Peter Vesterbacka is a multi-talented entrepreneur with special expertise in international marketing, as well as a brand and business developer. He is involved in several projects in infrastructure, education and other business areas

He visited Tartu Start-up Ecosystem, gave lectures to young entrepreneurs and students, and paid visits to several prominent Tartu companies, including Playgain and Fortumo. He listened carefully about the information the city officials, students, and even the school pupils told him in order to boost the start-up community and the city itself.

Also, Mr. Vesterbacka informed Tartu city officials about his visions to intensify the interaction between Estonia and Finland. One of the cornerstones the is Tunnel construction project under the Baltic Sea, which will connect the capitals no later than in 2024.

Peter Vesterbacka said that he was very excited to come to Estonia’s second biggest city as he has heard how Tartu’s start-up and entrepreneurial community has bloomed in the recent years. Vesterbacka added that to consider Tartu’s strong communities and educational institutions, the city has definitely huge potential for international business, especially towards Asia.

On the lighter side, Peter  Vesterbacka visited the International School and Finnish School of Tartu, as well as the Science Park “Ahhaa”, the biggest of its kind in the Baltic states.

The Mayor of Tartu, Urmas Klaas, stated that the visit of Peter Vesterbacka creates many interesting opportunities for cooperation between Tartu and Finland, and inspires the students and entrepreneurs in Tartu to think big and aim to become the pioneers in the smart entrepreneurship.

Article by Sakri Viklund

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