“We Love The 90s Estonia 2018 kikked off yesterdayin Tallinn Laluvaljak ”


The We Love The 90s 2018  Estonia will start From 23 to 25 August, at the Song Festival Grounds Laluvaljak Tallinn. The great refreshment of the great festival: We Love The 90s 2018 brings to the Song Festival Grounds No Mercy, La Bouche, Nana and Loona 23-25 August, Festival Grounds, complemented the powerful performances. “Where Do You Go” No Mercy, Lonely hits hit Nana, “Bailando” star Loona and “Be My Lover” singer La Bouche add retro people strongly to the 1990s and the millennia. For the 2018 festival, KLF feat Wanda Dee, S Club, Londonbeat, Twenty 4 Seven and 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor have already been pre-announced.

Krishan Chand

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