“Andrei Buturlakin: Our club is young and small in Estonia and people doing this in their free time and for the locals, so we are just growing fast”


Andrei Buturlakin speaks: Well my story is quite short. I found this sport accidentally with a post on an FB about Club Nordburg is having so-called “open doors” day and invites all interested people to listen to a bit of theory and watch or even take part in the training. So that day on 18 of March was begging of my new passion. For a long time I was looking for such a chance to fight on the swords and finally, it appeared. At that day I was very happy and what surprised me the most I was called for the next training and the next one and so it has begun. From the club I got all the equipment needed and every training I was learning something new. For this moment it is the third month began as I am the part of the Nordburg Club. The Old Tallinn Cup was my first tournament and that is the coolest tournament I have ever visited. All day was full of adrenaline, sweat, muscle pressure, the ringing of steel and sometimes even blood. And I am really proud that I took a part in this tournament. It is important to understand that HMB (Historical Medieval Battles) is, first of all, a tournament and then a show for the rest who came to see this. Many times I heard that some people understanding HMB as a show, as a American wrestling on a TV. But here in buhurt (knight´s tournament), people are looking like “big and scary” and they are big and scary and if you give them a chance they will hit you in ahead with the two-handed axe. This sport is quite hard in all meanings of this word. You can be thrown, kicked, punched and you need to be ready for this. But what is more I have to say to assure emotional people that this is totally safe if you are: not a fool, trained, have well-prepared armor that closes all opened areas may be hit. But this is only at the arena. Outside of it people are really friendly to each other, people from different clubs help each other, some of them are old friends, some are talking in English and you can identify that one is from Russia and other is from Germany for their accent and that is cool. This is totally different atmosphere appearing during the fights. Thit is what I saw and felt. My experience as a fighter was also awesome I would say. As I managed before that was my first tournament. The tournament format was 3 vs 3 an in additional each team had 2 two substitutes. In my team (Nordberg) we had all 5 places filled. Team members were: Nikolay Bõkov (captain), Evgeniy Bazanov, Ilja Galkin, Dmitri Potehhin and me, Andrei Buturlakin. And I am thankful to them for protecting my back. For example in Red Star from China they got only 3 fighters and still they fought till the end not giving up! We got 5 fight. First was with another Estonian team Holden Horde, we won with 2-0, then with the Belorussian team also a win with the 2-0 score, then with the Chinese team also got a victory with a 2-0 score and these fight were I would say easy. It was 6 rounds in total, in 4 I fought and got 8 “kills”. Then came the first loss with the experienced team called Naked Mommy from Ukraine where we won the first round by accident because the opponent fighter lost his armor and was put on the ground by referees, in the second round I did a terrible mistake and left our guys fighting 2 in 3. The score became 1-1. In the third round I got a draw when I left against 2 fighters alone putting both on the ground but falling also with the last one. The 4th round we lost by the points. And victory went to Naked Mommy team. The last fight was with Light Warriors team also from Ukraine and they won us 2-0 with no chances as we all were overexerted after previous fight. These guys were really taught as they got 2nd and the 3rd places. But still I am very excited and plan to continue fighting in HMB and learning from others.


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