“Estonia President kersti Kaljulaid Norway and Estonia’s understanding and close confinement is a sign of strong friendship”


 “We Estonia to Norway is not recognized our occupation of Estonia has been a good partner since independence, friends and allies,” the president said Kersti Kaljulaid today the Norwegian Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit’s meeting.

 “Norway and Estonia are closer than ever before, and we know that we can always rely on its ally Nordic and hope,” the president said at the meeting. It also thanked the head of state for the royal couple of the Norwegian state helped us with their knowledge and money than we ourselves had not been fully developed yet opportunities. “Our good understanding extends to both security and trade relations,” the President added.

 In addition, the meeting discussed the two countries from closer economic relations. Norway operates in 85 companies, and over 200 companies are incorporated in one way or another, the money invested and the feedback has been extremely positive business environment in Estonia. Norway, in turn, has more than 1,000 mainly wood-related enterprises in Estonia and in addition Norway known by more and more interest in Estonia’s digital and information and communications technology solutions adopted. “I am also pleased that Norway is interested in our e-government solutions,” said President Kaljulaid.

 Norwegian Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit has been in a two-day official divisibility to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Estonia. Tomorrow opens Innovation Norway Norwegian royal couple and Enterprise Development Foundation (EAS), organized by the Norwegian-Estonian business forum, will examine NGOs Telliskivi City of Tallinn’s Old Town.

Oak Park Kadriorg planting initiative “Estonia 100 Oak” program to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Estonia and Kadriorg park 300th anniversary.

Krishan Chand

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