TMW 2018 Evestus Estonian Rock Star : If you want to make an impact in today’s music world, you need to stand out, and Evestus knows exactly how to do that.


Evestus is a tenacious, brazened and talented composer. You will be dazzled by his originality, overwhelmed by his mystery, and mesmerized by his musical diversity.

After releasing 3 experimental solo albums,
Estonian industrial artist Ott Evestus put together a live band under the name EVESTUS in 2010 and has since been delivering powerful shows and over-the-top music videos
as a new generation industrial rock band to watch out for!

In 2016 EVESTUS started working on their 4th LP “All Goes Black” with producer Ade Fenton (Gary Numan) and toured with Ministry in Russia and Youth Code in UK.

The current line-up consists of founding members Ott Evestus on vocals, and Tanya on drums plus a brand new addition since 2016, Simo on guitars. Other guests appear on stage depending on shows and Evestus releases a new song – “Everything In Here” produced by Ade Fenton on 27.03.18.

Live interview with Evestus


Krishan Chand


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