The NATO-EU Roundtable is an annual international conference, taking place for the sixth time in Estonia 2018. The event is aimed at increasing the knowledge of young people on foreign and security policy by discussing the working principles of NATO and important topics related to the work and cooperation of NATO and the EU.


Panel Discussions: NATO-EU Cooperation in Countering Hybrid Threats — From Past Origins to Future Prospects Hybrid threats are one of the key challenges faced by both NATO and the EU today. How have they cooperated to date in this domain — and how can they do it better? Could the hybrid domain become the principal area of cooperation between NATO and the EU? Is it necessary to have a cyber and/or hybrid command in NATO? What are the latest developments in this domain, and in what direction might they lead?
Panelists Juha Mustonen, Director of International Relations, European Centre of Excellence for Countering Hybrid Threats Ulrik Trolle Smed, Policy Analyst, European Political Strategy Centre Ieva Bērzina, Senior Researcher, Center for Security and Strategic Studies, National Defence Academy of Latvia Hindrek Lootus, Member of the Board, Cyber Defence Unit, Estonian Defence League Miko Haljas, Head of Security Policy and Transatlantic Relations Office, Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Moderator: Sven Sakkov, Director, International Centre for Defence and Security


Krishan Chand

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