“President of Estonia Kersti Kaljulaid in the White House: the Baltic states and USA are on the axis of good The main issues discussed at the meeting yesterday included co-operation between the Baltic states and the United States of the America in the sphere of security and economy.”


At the press conference following the meeting, President Kaljulaid emphasised, that Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and the United States of America share the same values. “Democracy, personal freedoms and respect towards the principles of a state based on the rule of law are the cornerstones not just for the security architecture of our countries, but for the international community in general. We need to protect these values together, no matter where and when these are in danger. We countries stand together on the axis of good,” said President Kaljulaid.

The United States of America plays a huge role in ensuring the security of both the Baltic states and Europe in general. The leading role of the United States of America in NATO has key importance and represents one of the cornerstones of the alliance. A fair sharing of the burden is also a part of the foundation of NATO, and at the meeting with President Trump it was discussed how to proceed in this matter on the eve of the NATO summit, in July of this year.

When speaking about economic co-operation, President Kaljulaid mentioned that while the scales of economies of the two countries are very different, both distances and sizes become negligible in a digital world. “Today, trade relations between Estonia and the United States of America are not too close and we can definitely see some unused potential here. Fortunately, we do have some companies in Estonia that work in this direction and I do believe that our open economy and low level of bureaucracy are attractive for American investors,” stated the Head of State.

In addition, President Kaljulaid also thanked the United States of America and Americans for the support they showed towards the Baltic states during the period of occupation. “In the USA, our blue, black and white tricolour was flying all these years, while we could only dream about it at home. We know it, we remember it and for that we are thankful,” said the Head of State.

At the meeting of heads of state, a declaration was passed to celebrate the hundredth anniversary since Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania regained their independence and at the event of renewing the partnership between the countries. The declaration focuses on co-operation between the countries in the sphere of security, economy and the promotion of contacts between people. 

The visit of the President of the Republic of Estonia in the United States continued yesterday with the Baltic-USA business forum and dinner hosted by the US National Security Advisor, H. R. McMaster. Today, the Head of State will give a public lecture, place a wreath at Arlington Military Cemetery to commemorate fallen soldiers and visit the graves of soldiers of Estonian descent. On Wednesday night the Head of State will take part in a reception organised in the Estonian Embassy for the local Estonian community and friends of Estonia.

Photo credits: Office of the President of the Republic of Estonia

Krishan Chand


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