“Today a kick-start to Tallinn Music Week Estonia 2018 (TMW) was given”


Today, April 2th the one  week long TMW kick-started its program, which features musicians, producers, industry makers, charities, NGO-s  etc and engages the whole city for a united community    under slogan- together we can make it better, together we can make it work!

The opening briefing was held at TMW pop-up cafe (Pärnu st 6) where the cultural minister of Estonia Mr Indrek Saar and the chief organize Mrs Helen Sildna introduced the TMW week program.   

TMW brings together people from all walks and unites the discussion of global issues

with music. This year the main discussion topics in addition to music industry themes will be about  cyber bullying (in co-operation of TELIA), also a special youth program is set up, to give a voice to students and their opinions about our educational system. An intresting debate will come where mayors of Estonian cities will start a debate which of them deserves to be cultural capital under EU programs, talked the TMW chief organizer Helen Sildna.

TMW wants to unite the community and so this year TMW totebags are made from the recycled materials by handi-capped people from Viljandi.  

The big opening gala of TMW  will be on April, 5th at Russian Cultural Centre, where the president of Estonia Mrs Kersti Kaljulaid will give the opening speech and special program by world famous Kristjan Järvi, will be performed. TMW and its concerts  are all dedicated to Estonia 100 anniversary.  Also such a well-know artists and musicians as a NY composer and guitarist Gene Pritsker, contemporary artist Francesco Tristano, well-known Estonian musicians: composer and producer Sander Mölder, jazz-talent Kadri Voorand, astral singer- and songwriter Mick Pedaja and accordionist Tuulikki Bartosiki with  Estonian Folk Orchestra will be on scene.

The opening concert bars will be furnished by the Moe Pejina factory, to eatthe Troika restaurant.

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Krishan Chand

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