“ LEXIT Top-Baltic-Blockchain-powered-Mergers and Acquisitions Estonia”

LEXIT partners with self-key : we are glad to have the opportunity to work with one of the most innovative and practical startups in the Blockchain industry and to provide our users with the security and the seamless user experience made possible through this collaboration. photo gallery from blockchain conference and from after party     Krishan Chand  

“Tallinn-Hosted-top-Baltic-Blockchain-Conference 2018 at Hilton Hotel Estonia”

Dear friends! The Blockchain conference in Tallinn successfully finished for us. We met a lot of interesting people who were really interested in the blockchain project. In the Hilton Hotel hall where Blockchain Conference Tallinn held, it was busy! and interesting for all visiter. The audience was listening to the best representatives of both the local and foreign #blockchain markets ideas. photo gallery   Krishan…