“U.S Ambassador James D. Melville Jr. celebrate Estonia 100 anniversary with his wife and friends in Tartu on 24th February 2018”

DSC_5744 (2)

U.S Ambassador James D. Melville Jr. Congratulates Estonia on Centennial

Ambassador James D. Melville Jr. told : On a February evening 100 years ago, likely cold and crisp just like today and the United States and Estonia are linked — by our shared commitment to democratic freedoms, our rock solid alliance, economic ties that bridge the Atlantic, and the many ties between our two peoples.

Over my nearly three-year tenure as Ambassador, I have traveled to every corner of your beautiful land. I have had the honor to meet with your nation’s leaders, be motivated by your innovative use of technology, and inspired by the energy and boundless potential of your young people. The future is so bright for Estonia, and I feel honored to have shared this land with you during my time here.

In this centennial year, I join all of my colleagues and friends from the U.S. Embassy in expressing our sincerest gratitude for your partnership and heartfelt congratulations on your 100th anniversary. Happy Birthday, Estonia! Palju õnne!

Krishan Chand

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