“Hope on Hope off Young School Children Entrepreneur Estonia”


Yesterday I was walking around in Kristiine keskus market and suddenly  I found that there was going on Estonian Young School Children Entrepreneur Event.

In the event, children were presenting their own handmade products which have been made under the supervision of professional business trainer Aet Kull.

Children were selling jewelry, homemade lamps, different food items, soap, candles stand, greeting cards, cloth stickers, T-shirts and lot of other different items. Some children had produced really good items.

But about 95% of children spoke there that they have no hope for the future doing a business in Estonia, because of Estonian market, which is very small and therefore it is very hard to sell products and find customers – nevertheless, they doing their best and   hoping the best.   For me, it was very sad to hear this from the children.

But about 5% children had made a firm decision that they want to go ahead with the same business line and keep selling the same products that they were presenting in yesterdays market.

In my opinion, it does not matter how hard the path to success can be- just never give up and believe in what you are doing -just GO AHEAD IF YOU WANT SOMETHING IN YOUR LIFE, “DO OR DIE”

Photo gallery of market



Krishan Chand


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