“Estonia, and South Korean heads of state met for the first time and 2018 is an important year for both countries”

Kaljulaid_Jae-in_1 (1)

Kaljulaid President said today at the South Korean presidential Moon Jae-in event at the meeting that the two countries should be a good understanding that is shared similar values and responsibility. It is the first visit of the presidents of the level from the time when diplomatic relations were restored in 1991.

2018 is an important year for both countries – Estonia’s independence and the 100th anniversary of South Korea in the Olympics. “International law is the survival of our national space security guarantees. I  wish success to South Korea in the construction of the Olympic spirit of peace and hope to normalize the situation on the Korean Peninsula, “said the Estonian head of state, president of Estonia at the meeting. 

In addition to cyber defense cooperation and cooperation by discussing the presidents of both countries expressed the hope that the two countries will also increase economic cooperation. “One good example is the opening today of Estonia loudspeaker Estelon cabin in Seoul and other e-residency, which allows us to provide low-bureaucracy and the EU in the Korean market entry enterprising people,” the Kaljulaid President added .

Kaljulaid President also met with South Korean parliamentary friendship group, which discussed cooperation possibilities with digital and cyber.

Tomorrow the Estonian President will meet with the governor of Gyeonggi Kaljulaid Nam Kyung-pil’iga and opens in Seoul e-residents digi-ID Center, which is located in the Office of the Police and Border Guard pilot issue via a private company to a resident of a digital ID.

Krishan Chand


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