“Sofia Rubina ‘Make Me Beautiful’& Uku Suviste Live performance at Amigo Viru Hotel Tallinn”


Sofia Rubina “A classically-trained jazz musician, Sofia Rubina spans the soul, jazz, and house genres, playing to audiences in the US, Europe and East Asia, from dusty clubs to intimate dinner settings, large festivals to opera houses and on television. No matter the musical genre she creates music that touches the heart, moves the body and soothes the soul.”

Rubina Albums: My Sun, Two Roses, Dreams of Tomorrow

Record labels: Jansen Plateproduksjon, Dreams of Tomorrow Production, Umblu, Umblu Records.

Uku Suviste is a versatile musician. His musical education is quite broad, and in addition to studies in Estonia he has improved his skills also in U.S. As a professional singer he has taken part in many singing contests, concerts, musicals and TV shows. He has worked as a studio engineer and music producer, and produced a number of hit songs for famous Estonian artists. Additionally, he is actively writing and recording his own original music. Beside his strong vocals with a unique timbre he plays many different instruments Vocals, Keyboard,Piano, Guitar, Bass guitar, Drums Each.

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Krishan Chand


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