“Already today ! Wild & Wicked 25 years World Tour Scooter celebrates 25th year of operation in Tallinn’s Song Festival Grounds at we love 90s event “


Today we love 90s already has gone wild with wider odeons in Tallinn with Scooter concert.

On 23.8.2017, in the afternoon, the world-renowned technical music scene mega-scooter Scooter landed in Tallinn. Yesterday, nearly a hundred tons of the Wild & Wicked pyro, light and sound equipment came to the Song Festival Grounds and today we love 90s already has gone wild with wider odeons in Tallinn .

Scooter’s 25th year of operation has been a huge menu everywhere. The gates of the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds was not open even big odeons was waiting for Scooter concert, while the DJ Allan Roosileht also join the band. The headwinner  warmed up by DJ Cityflash and  90th legend Caater.

Scooter are known for giving very extravagant live performances, usually with dancers on stage performing certain styles of dances, such as Jumpstyle or the Melbourne Shuffle. These are accompanied by laser shows and pyrotechnics (an example of such would be a light changing positions every beat while small explosions occur on stage at the same rate). In concert, Scooter encourages crowd motivation, often having frontman H.P. Baxxter shout out certain phrases and have them mimicked by the crowd between songs, and having the crowd sing along to the chorus of many songs. Scooter also opens their shows with big intros, coupled with laser shows and thematic music. Pyrotechnics also make occasional appearances during both indoor and outdoor shows.

Krishan Chand



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