“Belinda Carlisle celebrates her birthday in Haapsalu Estonia”


Belinda Carlisle, a USA pop star, presented her live concert at Haapsalu Castle on Saturday 19 August in Estonia , In fact, she spends her birthday on the plane from USA to Estonia journey. Carlisle arrives in Estonia the day before the concert, and she wanted to drive to Haapsalu immediately from Tallinn, where she stays at the Fra Mare spa hotel.

“As Belinda arrives in Haapsund a day earlier, The head of public relations of the event Mr. Reno Hekkonen has a idea to offer her mud treatments in Fra Mares spa hotel. That would was birthday party for Belinda and  an interesting experience for her,Reno Hekkonen, didn,t  introduced the host plan to Star before she arrive in Estonia.This was a surprise.

Belinda Jo Carlisle was born in the Hollywood area of Los Angeles, to Harold Carlisle, a gas station employee, and his wife, Joanne (née Thompson), who raised the children at home. She was named after her mother’s favorite film, Johnny Belinda (1948).The first of seven siblings with three brothers and three sisters, Carlisle was five years old when her father abandoned their family. Her mother would later remarry to Walt Kurczeski, with whom Carlisle had a tumultuous relationship.The family moved frequently during her childhood, from Simi Valley to Reseda, before settling in Burbank when Carlisle was seven years old.

At age ten, Carlisle began to express interest in music, and recalled The Beach Boys, Cat Stevens, The Stylistics, and The Animals as being early musical influences.

The family relocated again during Carlisle’s adolescence, this time to Newbury Park; she attended Colina Junior High School in Thousand Oaks, and later Newbury Park High School, where she was a cheerleader. During her teenage years, Carlisle became rebellious: “By the time I hit fourteen, I’d gone really wild,” she said. “I ran away from home, smoked pot, dropped acid … you name it, I’d try it.” After high school, Carlisle worked at a House of Fabrics store, and as a photocopier at the Hilton Hotels Corporation in Los Angeles at age eighteen. She took night classes attending beauty college, but dropped out within the first year.At the age of nineteen, she left her parents’ home to pursue a career in music.

Krishan Chand




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