“Suzi Quatro Live at Rock in Haapsalu” Rock in Haapsalu, a powerful and crowded rock day Estonia”


Suzi Quatro message to audience : For some time now I have working on providing a merchandise site to reach as many fans around the world as possible. Although I tour many countries, I know not all of you have the opportunity to get to my concerts, but I would love to see you when you do.

I will be assembling a lot of interesting products for you over time, so keep checking back!. One project that is dear to my heart and one that I have been working on for many years is my poetry book titled “Through My Eyes” which is now available.
For now though, I have available, my ‘self-drawn’ Christmas cards which I hope you enjoy and share this year. We will have great retro items, and I plan to add new and unique products that I hope you will enjoy.I love seeing people at the concerts in the Tshirts from the site, I look out for them and I see them.
All feedback is appreciated and let me know items you might enjoy.
Lots of love SUZI.
Krishan Chand

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