“Bombillaz Band at PADA : Bombillaz is an outstanding collaboration of Estonian musicians who are simply doing what they do best “



Bombillaz is an outstanding collaboration of Estonian musicians who are simply doing what they do best. Their story started in spring 2007, when they sent their demo track “Raggamasta” to the nationwide radio station Radio 2, where it was played as “Demo of the Week”. It received extremely positive feedback, and at the end of the year Radio 2 accredited it with the “Demo of the Year” award at the widely televised “Hit of the Year” gala. Bombillaz then released a two-track debut single titled “Mees on rasta”, also featuring the now famous “Raggamasta”.

Soon the guys realised their music would benefit immensely from some live atmosphere — thus the creation of a proper live outfit became a must. By now, the extended combo is ready to set sail, and the new cool members truly add the spice necessary for the musical mixture known as Bombillaz.

The obscure and varied musical background of the band members allows them to feel comfortable in an array of styles, combining them into an unconventional, thrilling creative concoction. Some of them regularly take on trips to various exotic countries to gain new inspiration and broaden their musical horizons. One can find elements of folk, roots reggae, reggaeton, bhangra — everything from African tribal styles to Oriental pop — in the music of Bombillaz. Their lyrics always carry a positive message, with maybe a dab of critique thrown in for just the right balance.

By now, Bombillaz has released three studio albums: “Uus usk” in 2010, “Maailm on pöörane” in 2013 and ”Hype” in 2016. They have also produced 5 music videos, given an outstanding number of performances from pub gigs to numerous national and international festivals and frequently appear on the Estonian national TV. At this year’s “Etnoscoop awards” Bombillaz was also credited with an etnoscoop as a Radio 2 special award.

Krishan Chand

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