“Song and Dance Festival organizers invite to hoist the flags of Estonia This weekend”


This weekend held XII Youth Song and Dance Festival to celebrate the festival artistic directors and organizers invite all Estonians to hoist the flags of our nation, to the whole of Estonia-wide jubilation reaches into every home.

Thousands of singers, dancers and instrument players earlier this tension becomes Saturday and Sunday ülevaks õhinaks and sharing the joy with the audience, spreading across the arc of the song and Kalevi stadium, tens of thousands of homes.

“There are few families that these two days will not be affected. Song and dance is something profoundly Estonia movement and of their own, which show the meaning of one of the most beautiful way of decorating your home could be our national flags, “said one of the XII Youth Song conceptual design author, composer and conductor Rasmus Drilling.

The idea to invite people to hoist the national flags of the two day festival there was song and dance teams. “While the Song and Dance Celebration in Tallinn, it is still part of every village, town and city, where thousands of festival participants arrive. Ehime We feel the same way, we could feast costumes and decorate the home places of the blue, black and white flags, the big summer event actually reaching across Estonia, “called drilling up. Song and dance festival artistic directors and organizers are hoping that the hoisting of the flag of the Estonian nation’s largest festival time can be a beautiful tradition that would be obtained in the following song and dance festivals.

Estonian Flag Act states that everyone has the right to hoist and use the Estonian flag.   The Estonian flag is hoisted at sunrise, but no later than 8:00 am and lowered at sunset, but no later than 22:00.   The flag with a rod attached to the building or the roof of a building or hoisted on the flagpole.

Krishan Chand

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