The 12th Estonian Youth Dance and Song Festival Celebration will held in Tallinn on 30 June to 2nd July 2017.


  1. The Youth Song and Dance Celebrations only take place every five years.
  2. The theme of the 12th Youth Song and Dance Celebrations is Here I`ll stay.
  3. Meet 40000 dancers and singers at a time.
  4. Five kilometers of procession.
  5. The stage can fit up to 20000 singers and the whole area of the grounds can hold 120 000 people.
  6. UNESCO World Heritage Event.
  7. The unforgettable Estonian National Clothes.
  8. Tradition dating back 1869.
  9. Best time to visit Estonia.
  10. Summer, sun, beautiful songs, interesting dancers, friendly spectators, fantastic view on the sea- what a great way to experience the most important cultural event of Estonia.

Krishan Chand

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