Bird Poetry for Kids – Do You Know? – Bird Day Poems 


Do you know when you wound any dear little bird,
Or take from its home-nest another,
That the cries of their anguish in heaven are heard,
That God pities those birds and their mother?

Do you know the same God made the birds and the boys,
And both for the very same reason,
That each life should be bright with its homes and its joys,
For each in its measure and season?

Do you know if you hark to the song in the air,
So sweet in the freshness of morning,
That the birds seem to sing, “We will trust to your care
To keep us from danger and mourning?”

Do you, if you’d listen with soul and with heart,
You never would ruffle a feather
Of the dear little birds that make our glad world a part,
For all are God’s children together?

 Krishan Chand

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