“The head of state president Kersti Kaljulaid will visit the eastern border of Estonia and Setomaa on Wednesday 10.5.2017”


Kersti Kaljulaid President will visit this Wednesday the eastern border of Estonia starting Vaindloo, Estonia’s northernmost island, and ending the day Setomaa.

Vaindloo Kaljulaid president puts flowers near the island perished during the Great Northern War English seafarers memorial stone. Vaindloo fly to Piusa Head of State, where president meets with the construction at the border section and Piusa Border Station. Piusa headed for President of the Republic Obinitsa the village center, a kindergarten and a library, visiting galleries Halas Kunn.

Meremäe visiting head of state will examine South-Ants Farm and Meremäe volunteer rescuers. Harma village participates president Kaljulaid Timmo-farm Seto-talkshow and visit Harma tsässons.

Krishan Chand

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