Independence Day Speech by : Mr Urmas Viilma, (Archbishop of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church) Dear free people! The Capital of our country is a city of towers.


The Capital of our country is a city of towers. Today, in the early morning of the independence day, we are standing here at the foot of the highest fortification tower of the city,The Tall Hermann. This tower is topped by flag, The national flag of Estonia. But no matter in which direction it flies in the wind, the function of this flag is different from the weather vanes on the towers of Tallinn.

The blue-black-white flag of Estonia is not weather vane, The fact that this flag flies in all directions and is hoisted in weathers symbolises the Independence of our country and our people.It marks our freedom to decide our present and future. The independence of Estonia must not be wholly influenced by the winds from the east or the west, from the north or the south. Our history has taught us that w as a state or a nation cannot play with freedom, acting like a weather vane. The national flag will fly freely on this tower as long as we do not put it up as a decorated weather vane. To keep the independence of our country, the survival of our people, and also the freedom of conscience for all, may this fly here under the blue sky until the end of times with the blessing of the Creator!

May the Almighty God, Father Son and Holy Spirit, bless this flag, bless our free country, its leaders and our people. Amen.
 Krishan Chand

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