“Nestor to local government representatives: It is imperative that local governments take initiative and are willing to develop”


photo: Erik Peinar

The President of the Riigikogu Eiki Nestor met researchers and representatives of local governments at the conference hall of the parliament. In his address, he said that one key issue determining the success of Estonia and its local governments is the readiness of the local governments to initiate projects, and to develop themselves.

“It is important that the administrative reform gives us local government units that understand that development will only happen if initiative is taken locally,” Nestor said. “After all, the number of local governments in itself is not the goal. What is important is that only the local governments who want to develop and achieve something, and who have ideas and the will to take their region forward would remain.”

The President of the Riigikogu also highlighted the value of the recently formed Riigikogu Study Committee to Draw Up the Development Objectives for the State Reform, which is to look into topics related to local governments.

The meeting entitled Domestic Developments and Partnership with Local Governments was opened by the Chairman of the Local Governments and Regional Policy Support Group Aivar Kokk. MP Ivari Padar, and Minister of Public Administration Mihhail Korb spoke about the state reform, and the development of the local governments system.

Vice President of NGO Polis Sulev Lääne reported on topical questions and the planned steps in the further development of the local governments system, and on the functioning of the cooperation network.

Chairman of the Board of the Association of Estonian Cities Taavi Aas, and Chairman of the Association of Municipalities of Estonia Kurmet Müürseppspoke about the development of the local governments system, and about cooperation, and the Rector of the Tallinn University and Chairman of the Council of Rectors Tiit Land spoke about the cooperation between universities and the public sector.

Vice President of the Riigikogu Enn Eesmaa also attended the meeting.

The meeting was organised by the Riigikogu, NGO Polis, Association of Municipalities of Estonia, Tallinn University, Association of Estonian Cities, and Harjumaa Local Government Association.

Krishan Chand

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