Philipp Kirkorov is Bulgarian-Armenian origin. five-time received the «World Music Awards» award as World’s Best Selling Russian Artist.


One of Russia’s most famous pop stars, Filipp Kirkorov, has given his support to U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Speaking in an  interview with the BBC, Kirkorov called Trump a “gentleman.”
“Donald Trump. Oh my god. I always put him on a pedestal – like an example of a great mind, businessman and human. Because he was always very nice, very gentle,” Kirkorov said.

The Bulgarian-born singer was invited to sing at Trump’s Atlanta casino in 1994, and met the man himself when he served as a jury member at the Miss Universe pageant.

Philipp, the ex-husband of Russian diva Alla Pugacheva, , is a staunch supporter of Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Krishan Chand

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