Vote of no confidence initiated against the Prime Minister 7 November 2016

img_0072At the beginning of the day 7th November 2016 sitting of the Riigikogu (Parliament of Estonia), 41 members of the Riigikogu opposition submitted the motion to express no confidence in Prime Minister Taavi Rõivas.

 Kadri Simson (Estonian Centre Party Faction), who presented the motion, said that the government led by Taavi Rõivas lacked reasonable tax and economic policy, and therefore it was impossible to bring the economic growth of Estonia out of stagnation. “Thus, besides economic stagnation, we also have stagnation government in power, as the coalition partners themselves have openly called it,” she said. She pointed out several additional reasons for expression of no confidence.

“Prime Minister Taavi Rõivas has totally lost the confidence of the opposition, and he is not even able to control the Government he leads, which is incapable to work together because it is lacking a leader. In the opinion of the undersigned, Estonia needs a new Government that is able to make decisions,” the motion says.

Pursuant to Article 97 of the Constitution of the Republic of Estonia, an expression of no confidence may not be decided earlier than on the second day after its initiation, unless the Government requires a more expeditious decision.


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