Estonia again failed on 24th September 2016 to elect new President of the Republic of Estonia ; will try again on 3rd October 2016.


TALLINN, Estonia  – As the President of the Republic of Estonia was not elected in the parliamentary rounds, the electoral body shall convene on September 24th 2016.

Estonia’s presidential election has been delayed yet again, as special electoral body failed to pick a new head of state, sending the process back to parliament.

In Saturday’s vote between two remaining candidates – former Prime Minister Siim Kallas and former Chancellor of Justice Allar Joks – neither secured a majority in the 335-member electoral college of lawmakers and municipal representatives.

In August, Parliament didn’t elect a successor to Toomas Hendrik Ilves, hence prompting the gathering of the special electoral body.

But its failure Saturday means an extraordinary presidential election will again be held in the 101-seat Riigikogu parliament on 3rd October 2016

The winner will get the mostly ceremonial job on 10th October.  when Toomas Hendrik Ilves leaves after a decade.

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