On 20.09.2016 Marina Kaljurand was presented as a candidate for President of the Republic



Today, 26 members of the electoral body presented Marina Kaljurand as a candidate for President of the Republic for the first round of voting by the electoral body, which will be held on Saturday, 24 September at 12 p.m.


Marina Kaljurand was born on 6 September 1962. She is an Estonian citizen by birth, and she has confirmed her consent to run as a candidate for President of the Republic. Marina Kaljurand was nominated by Jüri Allik, Mihkel Rebane, Raivo Raja, Andres Kampmann, Ave Visor, Kaido Katalsepp, Raimond Danilov, Veiko Erm, Kandela Õun, Liivi Vähesoo, Valdo Palu, Aavo Sõrmus, Mark Soosaar, Külli Tammur, Ene Preem, Jaanus Saat, Uno Silberg, Maido Nõlvak, Urmas Kristal, Eda Arusoo, Sirje Simmo, Toomas Jürgenstein, Toomas Nõmmiste, Rainer Vakra, Heljo Pikhof and Taivo Kirm.


Candidates Siim Kallas and Mailis Reps were directly carried over from the third round of voting in the Riigikogu to the first round in the electoral body.


The documents required for the registration of a candidate are submitted to the National Electoral Committee (at its address at Toompea 1, Tallinn) by a nominator of the candidate. Candidates can be presented for registration until Thursday, 22 September at 6 p.m. The National Electoral Committee will meet on Friday, 23 September, at 12 p.m. to register the candidates.

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