Prayer for Prosperity to Lord Ganesha Big Lord Gsnesha prayer for the world by, Mukul Patwa in Delhi India.


AUM shrIm gam saubhaagya ga~Npataye
varvard sarvajanm me.n vaShamaanya namH

shubh laabh or prosperity  mantra in sanskrit

The prayer for prosperity is based on the word, gam, which is the beej (seed) mantra for Lord Ganesha. We ask for good fortune (sau-bhaagya) and many blessings and wishes (var-vard) for our current and future life-times (sarva-janam-me.n). We bow in homage (namH) to Lord Ganesha who protects us with long lives (avaShamaanya) of health and happiness. A concise form of this mantra, suitable for multiple rapid repetitions is simply – “AUM gam ga~Npataye namH” – (ॐ गम गणपतये नम:)

May the blessing of God be upon you …
May God keep you safe when you are in danger.
May God guide you in the way of Love.
May God support you in danger or hardship.
May God lift up your heart when you are feeling low.
May God comfort you when you are feeling lonely.
May God give you strength when you are weak.
May God bring you home when you are lost.
May God surround you with loving care, always and forever.You are holy, you are chosen, you are loved and you are blessed.


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