The Crow

The Crow

Where do crows fly, when their looking for a place to die
Up to catch one final glimpse, from some place way up high
Crows no where the dead are buried, Ca Ca a mournful sound
Dressed in black, like natures preacher crowing at the ground

Where do dolphins go, when they need some place to cry
Who could see there tears, as they go swimming by
Cry together in a choir, as they stand up on their tails
Until the wailings interrupted by the killer whales

Where do bears go, when they need some place to hide
In some dark deep cave, into a deep sleep they will slide
To wait for warmer days, when the honey starts to flow
Wonder what they dream about, know one really knows

Where do lions go, when they feel the need to hunt
Put there in the circus, made to do their stunts
There praying for the day, as they sit there in a bunch
There not smiling at you, I think you may be lunch

Where do monkeys go, when they think that they can fly
You’d think they would know better and not even try
But they’ll swing from limb to limb, just like you and I
Looking for there just deserts, I prefer banana pie

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